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paid for by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Below is a list of resources available for download:

Owner and Employee Training Presentation

An owner and employee training presentation is available for download. This presentation reviews the obligations of both tobacco retailers and their employees in an easy-to-follow visual presentation. We encourage every tobacco retailer and all of their employees to complete this training prior to selling tobacco products in Idaho.

Preventthesale Owner and Employee Training Presentation (26MB) Newsletter Archives

See past issues of the Prevent the Sale Newsletter. This monthly newsletter is a valuable resource for both tobacco retailers and their employees. We encourage both tobacco retailers and their employees to read the monthly newsletter, as it provides:

  • helpful reminders of Idaho law and the inspection process,
  • timely information about permit renewals and permit requirements,
  • information on new requirements from both Idaho and the FDA, and
  • valuable health and human interest stories.

FDAs This Is Our Watch
The FDA is providing a free suite of materials that gives retailers a set of tools to help them comply with tobacco regulations. Get your free materials here

Point of Sale Posters
Card Everyone
If it's Green, say NO to the Teen
Which one is 18?

Clerk/Retailer Training Materials
Idaho and FDA Requirements Brochure
Idaho Code 39-5700
Department of Health and Welfare Employee Training form

Idaho Annual Synar Report
We encourage you to download and review Idahos Annual Synar Report. To provide comments or submit questions about the Annual Synar Report feel free to contact us.

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This site is provided to assist Idaho retailers in training their employees.
Completing this training does not convey any official sanction from the State of Idaho. More Information.