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Text version of the "Know the Law" Quiz

Question 1

Which of the following are NOT considered tobacco products by state law?

  • A. Pipes
  • B. Smokeless tobacco
  • C. Tobacco papers
  • D. Cigars
  • E. Snuff
  • F. All of the above are considered tobacco products

Correct Answer: F. The state defines tobacco products as "any substance that contains tobacco, including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snuff, smoking tobacco, tobacco papers, or smokeless tobacco.

Question 2

Which of the following tobacco products are legal to sell to people under 18?

  • A. None - all tobacco products are prohibited
  • B. Smokeless tobacco
  • C. Tobacco papers
  • D. Both B and C

Correct Answer: A. State law prohibits selling ANY tobacco product to persons under age 18.

Question 3

According to state law, when someone approaches you to buy tobacco, what should you do?

  • A. Ask how old they are
  • B. Ask for photo ID to see how old they are
  • C. Decide whether you think they are 18, and ask for ID if you're not sure

Correct Answer: B. Always check ID -- it's your only defense if an inspector catches you selling to a minor.

Question 4

What is the minimum amount the state will fine you personally if you sell tobacco products to someone younger than 18?

  • A. $50
  • B. $75
  • C. $100

Correct Answer: C. Selling tobacco to a minor can result in a personal fine of at least $100 for the first offense!

Question 5

State law requires that tobacco product sales be "vendor assisted." What does this mean?

  • A. Tobacco must be locked up or out of reach of all customers
  • B. Tobacco must be sold in vending machines
  • C. Tobacco must be within reach only for those over 18

Correct Answer: A. State law requires that ALL tobacco sales be vendor-assisted, which means no customers can access the products without assistance from an employee. The only exception is for stores that sell ONLY tobacco, meaning at least 75% of the items in the store are tobacco products.

Question 6

State law allows inspectors to make sure that stores comply with the law. When can these inspections occur?

  • A. Within a week after the store receives a written notice
  • B. Anytime, without prior notice
  • C. Once a year on a date agreed upon with the store

Correct Answer: B. Inspections can occur at any time, with no warning.

Question 7

Which of the following is prohibited (not allowed) by law?

  • A. Selling an open, partial pack of cigarettes
  • B. Selling single cigarettes
  • C. Giving away single cigarettes as a promotion
  • D. All of the above are prohibited by law.

Correct Answer: D. State law says that cigarettes must be sold only in their original sealed package from the manufacturer.

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